Vidmate for Blackberry

Blackberry was snobby earlier where it did not allow other OS apps to run on its interface. Seeing how Blackberry lacked out in the good apps department, and how it was driving away potential customers, the company had to let in one of the most well reviewed OS to run its apps on their device. Yep, you heard it right. Android apps can now run on BlackBerry!

Any BlackBerry device that can runs OS 10.2.1 offers the functionality to install apk files on it. This comes after BBM was launched for Android some years before. This service has taken the world by storm.

Anyway, this godsend enables BlackBerry users to download any Android App, and of course it includes Vidmate. BlackBerry favors apps from the Amazon App Store, but you can just as easily install a third party app using its apk file. here’s what you’ve got to do…


  1. Download Vidmate apk file.
    Vidmate Download is available on plenty of sites, which includes the official site as well as plenty of other unaffiliated sites. The app is hardly 5 MBs, so it shouldn’t take a lot of time to download.
  2. Save it somewhere you remember.
    BlackBerry can offer you the option to choose your file’s destination folder. Often people lose a downloaded file on their devices because they don’t remember the file destination. If that is the case, search for “.apk” in the search option.
  3. Run the apk file.
    The apk file should run pretty normally. IT will display the permissions demanded by the app after the BlackBerry OS is done processing the file data. Once you install it, you will be able to do all that you love doing with this amazing app on any Android device.

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