How to update ShowBox HD, video/server error

Undoubtedly ShowBox HD is one of the best movie streaming application. It s successfully running in all devices for instance, Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, Blackberry, Kindle and Windows PC.

It does have a beautiful and attractive user interface indeed. Showbox provide unlimited movies, songs and videos to its users across the globe. Unlike other movie streaming applications, ShowBox supports different languages like Hindi, English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese and many more. The best thing is that in ShowBox you can watch different movies of different languages with their respective sub titles.

There are many more features to discuss over, but right now we have to work upon this recent problem arised with Show Box. So, according to users, ShowBox is showing different errors while playing a particular video, for example, Video not available, try another server, unfortunately, the app is not working and crashes by itself and many more.

How to update ShowBox to solve the error

Well, as per our research , we have noticed that ShowBox is creating problem for the users who are using the older version of the application. Therefore, you all need to download the latest ShowBox HD version. The updates version may solve the problem of bugs and glitches. Let’s try the steps bellow :-

Step 1 – Delete the older version of this app and clear all cache ad data of this application

Step 2 – Download the latest version of ShowBox HD apk on your computer.

Step 3 – Attach your mobile with the system and transfer the apk file.

Step 4 – Open the file and start its installation process.

Step 5 – Now you are ready to watch your favorite movies again.

Clearing cache and data may help

Sometimes, when apps stay for a longer time in your mobile, they take a lot of space. Therefore, it can create problem in running smoothly. In this case, clearing cache can solve your problem. Let’s see the steps below :-

  • Go to settings > General settings > Application manager
  • Tap on all application or all
  • Find Showbox and tap on it
  • Now click on “Clear data” and “clear cache” button.


We hope that these 2 methods help you to solve your problem for now. Showbox is going to face this problem for some more time as the app is under maintenance.

Please leave your views and thoughts regarding this app in the section below. We will surely try to answer them as soon as possible. Thank you!

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