Delete Facebook Messages

Is it so hard ?

Facebook is one of the best social media sites, that can connect people from all over the world. There are almost 60 million active members on Facebook. I really didn’t believe when I read, a student started it to find a way to connect to his fellow members in college.

Facebook is really useful, you can send messages, video chats, share pictures, videos, comment on others pictures and a never ending list. Other than that, users can play games, video games, find people sitting in different countries and relate to your old friends…

One problem that I face on Facebook is – deleting messages. Although, It’s not that hard as it is said, we can say that it does take time.

Imagine, you have to delete all the messages of a particular user from your Facebook account. So, first you have to select a message and delete them manually. I am sure no one has that kind of patience and time to devote. And on top of it, these messages never delete permanently, but they go to your archive. So ,next whenever you talk to that person, all the messages will reappear automatically. This so irritating!

Facebook Fast Delete Messages

“Facebook Fast Delete Messages” is an extension for Chrome browser users. It lets you delete messages in one go, similar to your Gmail inbox.


As you can see above in the picture on the top right corner. “Add to Chrome” button will help you to install software and add to your Facebook account.

Now you can delete messages very easily. As you can see below, there are two extra buttons provided to you, one on the top left “Delete All” and another in front of message, in red colour. They’ll let you delete messages in one go, without any extra pain. Let me remind you that, these messages are deleted permanently.



Facebook fast delete messages is a great extension given to Facebook users. Now, you can delete messages quickly, that too in almost no time. Now you don’t have to take extra pain to select messages one by one and delete them. On top of it, they reach your archive. Anyone can be frustrated with this ultimate process. This is the easiest way of all. I am sure you all agree with me!

If you have any better solution to this problem, please let us know through your comments below.  I would love to read them. Thank you!

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