Top 12 Best Emulators For Android

You may find plenty of emulators in the google play store, but these are the best emulators for android devices that you wouldn’t want to miss! Anyone who is craving for ultimate gaming fun must check these out. They are definitely worth considering if you’re a game lover just like me 😀

How To Find a Song Name? – What is This Song Called!

Ever woke up from sleep with a song completely stuck in your head for the whole day and you couldn’t recognize it? Almost everyone suffers from this terrible trauma and it is really disturbing. But you need not worry any more as we will tell you some different ways to identify the songs you want. There is no problem if you know or do not know the lyrics or the artist’s name. All you need to do is go through this article and it will be easier than ever for you to recognize any song.


Take this; for example, you are on your way to somewhere and you listen to a song on the way which you liked but the problem was you didn’t understand the lyrics of the song and don’t have any idea about the artist/band. In that case, all you need is Shazam!

Shazam is a unique application which lets you find any song within seconds. If a song of which you would like to get details is currently playing, all you need to do is:

  • Open the Play Store, Search Shazam and Install it.
    After you install, you will notice a homepage with a “Tag Now” button on it.
    Click “Tag Now” and take your device closer to the song.
    It will give you all the details regarding the song in seconds.

Consider this; if you heard a song in the past but don’t seem to remember its lyrics or other details, what would you do?
Midomi is what you’ll need in such a situation!
Midomi is an online site which can also be called as the Wikipedia of Music. Having the collection of huge amount of songs, Midomi helps its users to search for the songs they would like to get details of.

You have to open the official site of Midomi where you can sing or croon in your own voice on a microphone to get results of the song you are looking for. The site also provides other good features which will make you fall in love with it.
When even computers fail in something, then their creators are the ones who can help you out. Name My Tune is an app which will help you in this case. Name My Tune is a Song identifying app which allows actual humans to help out each other in finding the songs. First of all, you would need to install this app and make an account on it. Then you can upload or sing yourself a short audio clip, insert the song category and the era and submit on the app. The results obviously won’t be instant but they will be absolutely correct. When someone finds out your submitted audio clip, you will get an email with all the necessary details you need.
With all the above details, you can now get any song you are looking for. Have some more ways to find out songs? Let us know in the comments.