How To Login KIK Online?

KIK is the leading messenger in the market right now. The internet and smartphone are the most significant inventions done by human. Long before, the most common communication medium was texting through mobiles. But smart phone brings something unique and amazing. I am talking about messengers. Before messengers, texting sounded boring. But messengers proved that chatting can be full of fun and instant.


KIK is one of the pioneer messengers for smart phones. It was launched in 2009 and created a huge buzz in the market. Within 15 days, it became prevalent application. Over 1 million users registered for this app in first two weeks. That was enough to justify that users are going to love KIK. And there are hundreds of reasons to adore this application.


Now users wanted to shift this amazement to the PC. I find this question very common, “How to login KIK online?” Luckilly, there is an answer to this question. That I will explain in this post.

But before we check main topic. Let’s have a brief look upon its features.

  • KIK is famous for its unique and simple user interface. User interface should not be complicated and frustrating for users. KIK followed the same rule. Users find no difficulty while using the application even for the first time.
  • Unlike other messengers, KIK allows users to surf net within the application. This is the rare function offered by messengers.
  • You need to create an account for getting username and password.
  • You can send multiple messages like texts, images, voice notes, music files, videos and much more.
  • Make your conversation more interesting with hundreds of emoticons.
  • You receive notification for sending, delivering and reading the message.
  • It is an open source application. It means anyone can use it.

Login KIK Online:

Follow these steps to login KIK online:

  • Install the Bluestacks emulator on your PC or laptop.
  • Once installation is complete, you must open the Android player.
  • In the search bar, type “KIK”.
  • If you want to install app from Play Store, then enter Google account details.
  • Now click on “Install” and let it complete.
  • That’s it!

WhatsApp For PC



WhatsApp messenger is the most famous messaging app around the world today, it’s an app with which users can communicate with each other by sending text messages, multimedia messages & voice calling. WhatsApp has become a global messaging standard among the 1 billion + users around the world. The app uses either Wi-Fi or phone data to connect to the internet and run, the application is free for the first year and then cost only ($0.99) per year. Features like group chat and WhatsApp web have made the app more interesting and now the app can be found in almost all Smartphone’s.

Downloading WhatsApp for PC/Laptop

WhatsApp can be downloaded in your PC/Laptop in few easy steps by using Bluestack and will require only few minutes.

Step 1) Download Bluestack on your PC/Laptop, here is the official download link.

Step 2) Install Bluestacks.

Step 3) Start Bluestacks.

Step 4) Login with your account to complete the details and move further.

Step 5) Search WhatsApp in the search box.

Step 6) Install WhatsApp.

Step 7) To run the app, go to myapps in Bluestacks and click WhatsApp.

You will now land to WhatsApp sign up page and you can use WhatsApp on your PC/Laptop.

Download WhatsApp for Mac

Running Whatsapp is possible on your Mac, follow the steps below to install WhatsApp on your Mac

Step 1) Download Bluestacks for Mac.

Step 2) Install & Run Bluestacks.

Step 3) Login.

Step 4) Search WhatsApp in the search box.

Step 5) Click on Install WhatsApp.

Step 6) To run the app, open Bluestacks and goto myapps and select WhatsApp.

If you have followed the steps carefully and correctly you will land on WhatsApp sign up page.

Note: We have used Bluestacks as the emulator while installing the app as it is the most commonly used emulator, you may use different emulators, some famous emulators are Youwave, Genemotion or Andyroid.

Using WhatsApp on PC/Laptop/Desktop/Mac Using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp has recently enabled a feature called WhatsApp web which you can use to connect WhatsApp messenger on your PC/Laptop or Mac and this process can be done in seconds.

Step 1) Go to with Google chrome.

Step 2) Scan the code shown in page using WhatsApp web function tab found in your Smartphone’s WhatsApp app.

Step 3) Check keep me signed in checkbox to remain signed in your PC/Laptop/Mac.

Now you will be able to use WhatsApp on your PC/Desktop/Laptop/Mac.



Wii emulator for PC

Wii emulator

The Dolphin, one of the free open sourced console emulator for video games that is made for Nintendo GameCube, Triforce and Wii and it runs on Different versions of windows, OS X( Mac), Linux and Google Android.


It was the first emulator in the market that was completely able to run profitable GameCube games, and profitable Wii games. Its name has been referred to as the expansion code for Gamecube. Any random game you pick up would work correctly or with little errors, these games are played at HD quality level 1080p and sometimes even more, this is a striking feature as the real Wii and Gamecube consoles are not specialized at this.

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The project being open sourced takes improvements from everyone, the code for these reside at There is continuous development of the dolphin and new functions are added on daily basis and errors are removed.

PRO TIP: If you are looking to download wii emulator on you computer/laptop follow this in-depth tutorial about downloading wii emulator on pc.

Features of Dolphin Emulator


Dolphin has many features, some of them are listed below in different points.

  • Game playing in HD at maximum possible resolution at 1080p.
  • To achieve better gaming experience we can connect Wiimote and Nunchunk to PC.
  • We can save game whenever as desired and then restart a state.
  • We can map various functions of the real Gamecube controllers &Wiimote
  • Dolphin supports 2 different network play which are local multiplayer and Nintendo Wi-Fi.
  • Capability to Skip GameCube Basic Input Output system.
  • One of its great feature is its support for the hombrew.
  • Support for downloadable game is present.
  • Another great feature is frameskipping.(Test for droped frames know a UFO test).

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System Requirements for Dolphin Emulator

  • A Windows version XP/7/8 or above.
  • Fast loading CPU. (If more processor are present, the Dolhin Emulator will use them).
  • Gpuwith pixel shader version 2.0 or more.
  • A good Graphic card.
  • A good video card that works with open GL 2.X
  • Fully Updated System drivers so that there is no problem in the hardware of the system and smooth work is ensured.

Downloading Wii Emulator for PC/Laptop/Desktop/Mac

You can download Dolphin to start play Gamecube & Wii emulator by following the link given below and then choosing the operating system, bit type, and version for the dolphin emulator.

Download Link is here. By downloading this you will be able to play Wii and Gamecube on your PC/Laptop/Desktop/Mac.


iOS 9: Features and News

Apple recently released iOS 9 public beta this week. Now iPhone and iPad users can update their devices on smarter and efficient iOS 9. This update version of iOS is the smartest operating system Apple has developed till now.


Let’s check iOS 9 in detail.

Release Date

Apple has launched iOS 9 as public beta program that can be accessed by anyone enrolled in Apple’s free public beta program. The final version of iOS 9 will be released on WWDC hopefully. That version of iOS 9 will be paid; users have to spend some money to access those features.


iOS 9 is the compatible with most of the iPhone and iPad devices.

Check below the list of devices which can be run on iOS 9:

  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad mini 2
  • iPad mini
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad 4th generation
  • iPad 3rd generation
  • iPad 2
  • iPod touch 5th generation

Smarter Siri

Everyone knows that there is no virtual assistant like Siri. Siri is by far the most amazing and intelligent virtual assistant. Apple has this tradition of presenting the technology that no one can even think of. In iOS 9, Siri is going to be smarter than previous version. Siri can even interpret the idea behind your iMessages. This app can guide about everything happening in your daily life as per your mode and choices, and is as awesome as other apps of Apple like iMovie, Facetime etc.

Apple Maps

Apple has given much attention to Apple Maps so it will be more convenient and tolerable. In its updated version, you can have transit routes in maps. It means that transit routes of buses, trains, subways and even ferries will be shown in Apple Maps. Initially this will be available in big cities like London, Mexico, Chicago, Berlin, New York, Toronto, Washington DC and San Francisco etc.

Multitasking for iPad

Well this is the most amazing feature of iOS 9. This is the premium feature offered by most premium operating system on planet. Yes, now you can do multitasking on iPad screen. Don’t be confused, this is not going to be switching between apps. You will literally use two apps simultaneously on single iPad Screen. How convenient is that!

This feature will be available on latest iPads like iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3.