Top 12 Best Emulators For Android

You may find plenty of emulators in the google play store, but these are the best emulators for android devices that you wouldn’t want to miss! Anyone who is craving for ultimate gaming fun must check these out. They are definitely worth considering if you’re a game lover just like me 😀

How To Find a Song Name? – What is This Song Called!

Ever woke up from sleep with a song completely stuck in your head for the whole day and you couldn’t recognize it? Almost everyone suffers from this terrible trauma and it is really disturbing. But you need not worry any more as we will tell you some different ways to identify the songs you want. There is no problem if you know or do not know the lyrics or the artist’s name. All you need to do is go through this article and it will be easier than ever for you to recognize any song.


Take this; for example, you are on your way to somewhere and you listen to a song on the way which you liked but the problem was you didn’t understand the lyrics of the song and don’t have any idea about the artist/band. In that case, all you need is Shazam!

Shazam is a unique application which lets you find any song within seconds. If a song of which you would like to get details is currently playing, all you need to do is:

  • Open the Play Store, Search Shazam and Install it.
    After you install, you will notice a homepage with a “Tag Now” button on it.
    Click “Tag Now” and take your device closer to the song.
    It will give you all the details regarding the song in seconds.

Consider this; if you heard a song in the past but don’t seem to remember its lyrics or other details, what would you do?
Midomi is what you’ll need in such a situation!
Midomi is an online site which can also be called as the Wikipedia of Music. Having the collection of huge amount of songs, Midomi helps its users to search for the songs they would like to get details of.

You have to open the official site of Midomi where you can sing or croon in your own voice on a microphone to get results of the song you are looking for. The site also provides other good features which will make you fall in love with it.
When even computers fail in something, then their creators are the ones who can help you out. Name My Tune is an app which will help you in this case. Name My Tune is a Song identifying app which allows actual humans to help out each other in finding the songs. First of all, you would need to install this app and make an account on it. Then you can upload or sing yourself a short audio clip, insert the song category and the era and submit on the app. The results obviously won’t be instant but they will be absolutely correct. When someone finds out your submitted audio clip, you will get an email with all the necessary details you need.
With all the above details, you can now get any song you are looking for. Have some more ways to find out songs? Let us know in the comments.

All about PlayView App You Need to Know

Playview is an application especially made for Android devices. It allows you to watch movies, videos, T.V series, songs as well as trailers of upcoming movies. Users can watch them online or download for free.

PlayView app can work with specific websites like YouTube, VK, Nowvideo, AllMyvideos, moevideos, and Streamcloud. You can always choose your preferences. Well, my would be YouTube, and yours?

It is supported with almost all languages. That would be your choice to watch the movies with subtitles or without them. Quality of movies and videos is good. To get better speed and quality, I’ll recommend you to use a better internet connection.

Features of Playview :-

  • Has a unique movie database.
  • An app that is updated almost everyday.
  • New movies are uploaded everyday.
  • The movies are arranged according to release date and category. It becomes easy to find a specific movie.
  • Users can filter movies by its release date, language and server.
  • You can always choose your prefered movie quality depending on your device memory status.
  • The best feature is that users can watch movies or videos on their prefered video player like VLC or Window media player etc.
  • All the details needed of the movie like release year, small description, cast and crew and trailer is already given for every movie.
  • Searching a movie or a video is easier with Playview. You just need to know the Keyword  of your search.
  • You can access all type of movies: comedy, action, thriller, romance, Biography, Adventure, Crime, documentary, drama, fantasy, historical, Sci – Fi, Horror, series, Anime and much more.
  • There is no buffering while watching movies. The only condition is that you should have a good WiFi connection.
  • Easy to switch between the menu.
  • Playview app has a very friendly user interface.


Playview is the perfect application for users who love to watch movies and videos. It works amazingly well as compared to other apps. Of course every app has their own pros and cons. I am sure we can ignore them.

For any queries or suggestions, please feel free to write your comments below ASAP. thank you!

Delete Facebook Messages

Is it so hard ?

Facebook is one of the best social media sites, that can connect people from all over the world. There are almost 60 million active members on Facebook. I really didn’t believe when I read, a student started it to find a way to connect to his fellow members in college.

Facebook is really useful, you can send messages, video chats, share pictures, videos, comment on others pictures and a never ending list. Other than that, users can play games, video games, find people sitting in different countries and relate to your old friends…

One problem that I face on Facebook is – deleting messages. Although, It’s not that hard as it is said, we can say that it does take time.

Imagine, you have to delete all the messages of a particular user from your Facebook account. So, first you have to select a message and delete them manually. I am sure no one has that kind of patience and time to devote. And on top of it, these messages never delete permanently, but they go to your archive. So ,next whenever you talk to that person, all the messages will reappear automatically. This so irritating!

Facebook Fast Delete Messages

“Facebook Fast Delete Messages” is an extension for Chrome browser users. It lets you delete messages in one go, similar to your Gmail inbox.


As you can see above in the picture on the top right corner. “Add to Chrome” button will help you to install software and add to your Facebook account.

Now you can delete messages very easily. As you can see below, there are two extra buttons provided to you, one on the top left “Delete All” and another in front of message, in red colour. They’ll let you delete messages in one go, without any extra pain. Let me remind you that, these messages are deleted permanently.



Facebook fast delete messages is a great extension given to Facebook users. Now, you can delete messages quickly, that too in almost no time. Now you don’t have to take extra pain to select messages one by one and delete them. On top of it, they reach your archive. Anyone can be frustrated with this ultimate process. This is the easiest way of all. I am sure you all agree with me!

If you have any better solution to this problem, please let us know through your comments below.  I would love to read them. Thank you!

Vidmate for Blackberry

Blackberry was snobby earlier where it did not allow other OS apps to run on its interface. Seeing how Blackberry lacked out in the good apps department, and how it was driving away potential customers, the company had to let in one of the most well reviewed OS to run its apps on their device. Yep, you heard it right. Android apps can now run on BlackBerry!

Any BlackBerry device that can runs OS 10.2.1 offers the functionality to install apk files on it. This comes after BBM was launched for Android some years before. This service has taken the world by storm.

Anyway, this godsend enables BlackBerry users to download any Android App, and of course it includes Vidmate. BlackBerry favors apps from the Amazon App Store, but you can just as easily install a third party app using its apk file. here’s what you’ve got to do…


  1. Download Vidmate apk file.
    Vidmate Download is available on plenty of sites, which includes the official site as well as plenty of other unaffiliated sites. The app is hardly 5 MBs, so it shouldn’t take a lot of time to download.
  2. Save it somewhere you remember.
    BlackBerry can offer you the option to choose your file’s destination folder. Often people lose a downloaded file on their devices because they don’t remember the file destination. If that is the case, search for “.apk” in the search option.
  3. Run the apk file.
    The apk file should run pretty normally. IT will display the permissions demanded by the app after the BlackBerry OS is done processing the file data. Once you install it, you will be able to do all that you love doing with this amazing app on any Android device.

Have a question? Leave me a comment below.

Kik Messenger Using Bluestacks

Messengers for the sake of exchange of messages and the exchange of the data over the smart phones have been increased and hence the competitions. There are very few messengers that kept up to the competition of their rivals. We are going to discuss one such an app that is used to send and receive the messages. The name of the app is Kik Messenger. At the moment, the app is only available for the devices of iPhone, Windows and Android. You can of course use it to the other devices, but you need to install an extension for it. Precisely this articles is going to focus on how to use BlueStacks in order to install the Kik Messenger and then on the pros and cons of using BlueStacks.


So, you’re preferring BlueStacks to download Kik Messenger on PC. To do this, you have to go to the Google Play account. You have to have a Google Play account with an Android device. Here we go:

Kik for PC Using BlueStacks

  1. Thing is about the downloading of Bluestacks. So, click on the PC download button.
  2. Now, open the Bluestacks and install the file and go to the installation steps that you can see popping up.
  3. Once after it is installed, you have to open the app and then you can open the app to see a screen with a popup that has a default apps preloaded on the player.
  4. Now click on the Click Sync button of the Google Play account with your BlueStacks app then enter in your Google username and the password. This will help you in synchronizing the app with the help of the Bluestacks emulator
  5. You have to make sure that all of your Google Play apps are synchronized into the Bluestacks emulator. If you don’t see that coming, you have to click on the Kik app installed and you have to search the icon on the top right corner and then search for the Kik Messnger and click on the install button which is next to the Kik Messenger.
  6. You’re almost there. Now you have to login into the messenger with the help of the simple rules present there.

Thought it asks for you phone number, it doesn’t matter as the app gives high priority for the privacy of the user.

That’s all! You can now enjoy the application inviting the contacts to the app. All the process takes only ten minutes hardly.

How To Login KIK Online?

KIK is the leading messenger in the market right now. The internet and smartphone are the most significant inventions done by human. Long before, the most common communication medium was texting through mobiles. But smart phone brings something unique and amazing. I am talking about messengers. Before messengers, texting sounded boring. But messengers proved that chatting can be full of fun and instant.


KIK is one of the pioneer messengers for smart phones. It was launched in 2009 and created a huge buzz in the market. Within 15 days, it became prevalent application. Over 1 million users registered for this app in first two weeks. That was enough to justify that users are going to love KIK. And there are hundreds of reasons to adore this application.


Now users wanted to shift this amazement to the PC. I find this question very common, “How to login KIK online?” Luckilly, there is an answer to this question. That I will explain in this post.

But before we check main topic. Let’s have a brief look upon its features.

  • KIK is famous for its unique and simple user interface. User interface should not be complicated and frustrating for users. KIK followed the same rule. Users find no difficulty while using the application even for the first time.
  • Unlike other messengers, KIK allows users to surf net within the application. This is the rare function offered by messengers.
  • You need to create an account for getting username and password.
  • You can send multiple messages like texts, images, voice notes, music files, videos and much more.
  • Make your conversation more interesting with hundreds of emoticons.
  • You receive notification for sending, delivering and reading the message.
  • It is an open source application. It means anyone can use it.

Login KIK Online:

Follow these steps to login KIK online:

  • Install the Bluestacks emulator on your PC or laptop.
  • Once installation is complete, you must open the Android player.
  • In the search bar, type “KIK”.
  • If you want to install app from Play Store, then enter Google account details.
  • Now click on “Install” and let it complete.
  • That’s it!

How to update ShowBox HD, video/server error

Undoubtedly ShowBox HD is one of the best movie streaming application. It s successfully running in all devices for instance, Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, Blackberry, Kindle and Windows PC.

It does have a beautiful and attractive user interface indeed. Showbox provide unlimited movies, songs and videos to its users across the globe. Unlike other movie streaming applications, ShowBox supports different languages like Hindi, English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese and many more. The best thing is that in ShowBox you can watch different movies of different languages with their respective sub titles.

There are many more features to discuss over, but right now we have to work upon this recent problem arised with Show Box. So, according to users, ShowBox is showing different errors while playing a particular video, for example, Video not available, try another server, unfortunately, the app is not working and crashes by itself and many more.

How to update ShowBox to solve the error

Well, as per our research , we have noticed that ShowBox is creating problem for the users who are using the older version of the application. Therefore, you all need to download the latest ShowBox HD version. The updates version may solve the problem of bugs and glitches. Let’s try the steps bellow :-

Step 1 – Delete the older version of this app and clear all cache ad data of this application

Step 2 – Download the latest version of ShowBox HD apk on your computer.

Step 3 – Attach your mobile with the system and transfer the apk file.

Step 4 – Open the file and start its installation process.

Step 5 – Now you are ready to watch your favorite movies again.

Clearing cache and data may help

Sometimes, when apps stay for a longer time in your mobile, they take a lot of space. Therefore, it can create problem in running smoothly. In this case, clearing cache can solve your problem. Let’s see the steps below :-

  • Go to settings > General settings > Application manager
  • Tap on all application or all
  • Find Showbox and tap on it
  • Now click on “Clear data” and “clear cache” button.


We hope that these 2 methods help you to solve your problem for now. Showbox is going to face this problem for some more time as the app is under maintenance.

Please leave your views and thoughts regarding this app in the section below. We will surely try to answer them as soon as possible. Thank you!

WhatsApp For PC



WhatsApp messenger is the most famous messaging app around the world today, it’s an app with which users can communicate with each other by sending text messages, multimedia messages & voice calling. WhatsApp has become a global messaging standard among the 1 billion + users around the world. The app uses either Wi-Fi or phone data to connect to the internet and run, the application is free for the first year and then cost only ($0.99) per year. Features like group chat and WhatsApp web have made the app more interesting and now the app can be found in almost all Smartphone’s.

Downloading WhatsApp for PC/Laptop

WhatsApp can be downloaded in your PC/Laptop in few easy steps by using Bluestack and will require only few minutes.

Step 1) Download Bluestack on your PC/Laptop, here is the official download link.

Step 2) Install Bluestacks.

Step 3) Start Bluestacks.

Step 4) Login with your account to complete the details and move further.

Step 5) Search WhatsApp in the search box.

Step 6) Install WhatsApp.

Step 7) To run the app, go to myapps in Bluestacks and click WhatsApp.

You will now land to WhatsApp sign up page and you can use WhatsApp on your PC/Laptop.

Download WhatsApp for Mac

Running Whatsapp is possible on your Mac, follow the steps below to install WhatsApp on your Mac

Step 1) Download Bluestacks for Mac.

Step 2) Install & Run Bluestacks.

Step 3) Login.

Step 4) Search WhatsApp in the search box.

Step 5) Click on Install WhatsApp.

Step 6) To run the app, open Bluestacks and goto myapps and select WhatsApp.

If you have followed the steps carefully and correctly you will land on WhatsApp sign up page.

Note: We have used Bluestacks as the emulator while installing the app as it is the most commonly used emulator, you may use different emulators, some famous emulators are Youwave, Genemotion or Andyroid.

Using WhatsApp on PC/Laptop/Desktop/Mac Using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp has recently enabled a feature called WhatsApp web which you can use to connect WhatsApp messenger on your PC/Laptop or Mac and this process can be done in seconds.

Step 1) Go to with Google chrome.

Step 2) Scan the code shown in page using WhatsApp web function tab found in your Smartphone’s WhatsApp app.

Step 3) Check keep me signed in checkbox to remain signed in your PC/Laptop/Mac.

Now you will be able to use WhatsApp on your PC/Desktop/Laptop/Mac.


Wii emulator for PC

Wii emulator

The Dolphin, one of the free open sourced console emulator for video games that is made for Nintendo GameCube, Triforce and Wii and it runs on Different versions of windows, OS X( Mac), Linux and Google Android.

It was the first emulator in the market that was completely able to run profitable GameCube games, and profitable Wii games. Its name has been referred to as the expansion code for Gamecube. Any random game you pick up would work correctly or with little errors, these games are played at HD quality level 1080p and sometimes even more, this is a striking feature as the real Wii and Gamecube consoles are not specialized at this.

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The project being open sourced takes improvements from everyone, the code for these reside at There is continuous development of the dolphin and new functions are added on daily basis and errors are removed.

PRO TIP: If you are looking to download wii emulator on you computer/laptop follow this in-depth tutorial about downloading wii emulator on pc.

Features of Dolphin Emulator


Dolphin has many features, some of them are listed below in different points.

  • Game playing in HD at maximum possible resolution at 1080p.
  • To achieve better gaming experience we can connect Wiimote and Nunchunk to PC.
  • We can save game whenever as desired and then restart a state.
  • We can map various functions of the real Gamecube controllers &Wiimote
  • Dolphin supports 2 different network play which are local multiplayer and Nintendo Wi-Fi.
  • Capability to Skip GameCube Basic Input Output system.
  • One of its great feature is its support for the hombrew.
  • Support for downloadable game is present.
  • Another great feature is frameskipping.(Test for droped frames know a UFO test).

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System Requirements for Dolphin Emulator

  • A Windows version XP/7/8 or above.
  • Fast loading CPU. (If more processor are present, the Dolhin Emulator will use them).
  • Gpuwith pixel shader version 2.0 or more.
  • A good Graphic card.
  • A good video card that works with open GL 2.X
  • Fully Updated System drivers so that there is no problem in the hardware of the system and smooth work is ensured.

Downloading Wii Emulator for PC/Laptop/Desktop/Mac

You can download Dolphin to start play Gamecube & Wii emulator by following the link given below and then choosing the operating system, bit type, and version for the dolphin emulator.

Download Link is here. By downloading this you will be able to play Wii and Gamecube on your PC/Laptop/Desktop/Mac.